Who can enter?

Only people who are employed by the following can enter:

  1. Media, advertising, PR and creative agencies, entering with the explicit backing and approval of their client, or
  2. Brand marketing teams

When do entries close?

The competition period runs from 00:30 AEST on Thursday, 26th January 2017 until 17:00 AEST on Friday, 31st March 2017.

What do I need to include with my entry?

Valid entries must include:

  1. Online entry form completed including (but not limited to) name, work email address and phone number
  2. Upload of a 30 sec TVC script
  3. Max. 500 word rationale addressing the judging criteria

Any additional information you choose to submit will not factor into the judge’s decision.

Do I need client permission for my entry?

Yes. If you are a media, advertising, PR or creative agency, you must seek permission from the client before submitting your entry. You will need to provide details of the client contact when you submit your entry.

Do I need to produce the TVC?

Yes, the winner will be given a minimum of three months to produce the TVC once the announcement has been made. All costs associated with the development, creation and production of the TVC are at the entrant’s expense.

Can I only produce one TVC?

Subject to the judge’s approval, the winning concept can be produced into a series of advertisements to form part of a larger campaign. However your initial entry submission is based on one TVC concept.

Can the prize be used on all SBS channels?

Yes, the $1,000,000 AUD prize can be used across SBS, SBS VICELAND, Food Network and NITV, and video pre-rolls on SBS On Demand. It cannot be used on World Movies. The winner can choose to produce a radio ad in addition to the TVC at their own cost.

What is the judging process?

A judging panel will review all submissions that meet the criteria before selecting no more than 8 finalists to pitch their idea to the panel at SBS head office in Sydney or via video conference. The winner will be announced by phone and on the website. You can bring additional supporting material (eg. storyboard, music) along with you to the pitch.

Who do I speak to if I have any issues?

Any questions can be emailed to diversityworks@sbs.com.au