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  • Australia

    13M+ Australians

    Every month engage with our unique offering

SBS is Australia’s most diverse media brand and for more than 40 years has inspired all Australians to explore, appreciate and celebrate diversity. Our unique and distinctive content offering across TV, digital and radio delivers a premium, high-value audience that is hard to reach.

Every month, more than 13 million Australians engage with our unique content offering.

SBS provides a low clutter environment, with truly national coverage reaching 99%  of Australia’s population in a low clutter environment. SBS Media is a truly cross platform sales team who tailor campaign solutions and connect brands with our unique SBS environments.

Think with Diversity

  • Australia

    Every 2:12 minutes

    A new migrant arrives in Australia

  • Australia

    28% of the Population

    In Australia were born overseas

  • Australia

    20% of Australians

    Speak a language other than English at home

  • Australia

    260+ languages

    Are spoken by people in Australia

Part of SBS’s purpose is to inspire all Australians to explore, appreciate and celebrate our diverse world, and by doing so contribute to an inclusive and cohesive society.

At SBS media, we’re connecting business and brands with diversity of every kind. Not only ethnicity, we know how to make authentic connections with gender, age, relationship, interest and religious diversity.

We create connections that demonstrate that your brand  gets people for who they really are.

Nobody does it like SBS media. Because for us,  diversity isn’t just the latest buzzword. It’s what we live,  and what we live for.

SBS  media. We live diversity.


In November 2016, we launched an initiative designed to encourage the Australian advertising industry to think with diversity and reflect the real Australia in their marketing campaigns.

Read about the Diversity Works Challenge here.

Premium Effect

  • Hard-to-Reach Audience

    SBS attracts a premium, hard-to-reach audience

  • Better ROI

    Spending 10% of TV Campaign Budget on SBS delivers significant cost savings

  • Premium Content

    SBS delivers premium content in a low clutter environment

SBS’s delivers premium and distinctive content in a low clutter environment. This attracts a high value audience that is hard to reach on the other networks.

Recently, SBS commissioned a TV-buying optimisation study to show the effectiveness of including SBS in your media plans. The results proved that when 10% of a TV campaign budget was allocated to SBS, significant cost savings were delivered allowing brands to achieve their reach and frequency goals sooner.

We call this, the SBS Premium Effect.

Find out more here.