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Go Beyond 3%

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples represent 3.3% of the Australian population however1, the media that exists to serve these communities are not often considered as part of advertising campaign planning. NITV is proudly one of many across Australia providing a voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and a place for their stories to be shared, explored and celebrated, but it’s estimated that less than 0.3% of advertising in Australia invested in media is dedicated to reaching these audiences2.

Launched in March 2021, Beyond 3% seeks to engage media agencies to begin to address this gap by learning more about the role and value of First Nations media in Australia today, doing more to be inclusive as an individual or an organisation in this sector, and re-thinking media spend by committing to increasing investment in Indigenous media platforms to at least a 3 per cent target.

Course correcting the current gap in investment in the Indigenous media sector has a direct impact in improving the diversity of stories and perspectives in our media landscape. Your investment is a vital contribution to the strength of First Nations media around the country, supporting opportunities for the next generation of talent, and empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, peoples and communities.

Read more about Beyond 3%, including support from some of Australia’s leading media agencies making the commitment, in the media release or on the website.


1. Census, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 30 June 2016
2. Based on Standard Media Index (SMI) data available for relevant media, for 2019 vs 2020.